Valentine Heart Glasses

Feb 11 2015
Valentine Heart Glasses

I got new workout pants last week and I was so excited to wear them. They are gray striped pants from NIKE. I wore them on Sunday and never worked out. I just wore them around all day like I was in shape and then I ate bacon and I got bacon grease on them and I was pissed. Who gets bacon grease on their new workout pants? It should be against the law. So embarrassing. I'm seriously going to start working out tomorrow. BTW, how cute is my kid? I know, I'm winning at life. Download these glasses and make them for your baby. Or you. Or your neighbor. Or whoever. 

Happy Valentine's day my lovely little crafty friends.

Download the printable ya'll.

Lilyshop Heart Glasses Printable

Cut out the glasses. The insides of the glasses too (duh).

Now spray glue them to the backside of your craft paper or glitter paper.

And cut around the edges of your glasses, making them as thick as you want. The black ink will only show on the backside. The glitter portion will show on the front.

Valentine Heart Glasses

What you need
Lilyshop Heart Glasses Printable
Glitter Paper
Spray Glue
Hot Glue
Wood stick or colored plastic cake pop stick

1. Print out the Lilyshop Heart Glasses Printable and cut out the glasses. You must cut out the inside too so you have just the thin frame.

2. Instead of tracing this onto paper, simply spray glue it to the back of your glitter paper.

3. Now cut along the black edges of the glasses on your cardstock. You can leave a boarder around the black line if you want to make them thicker. This makes it easy to make the glasses as thick or thin as you want them. Make sure to cut out the center of the glasses as well. If you are using super thick cardstock, an X-acto knife helps.

4. Carefully hot glue your stick to one side of the glasses. I used plastic cake pop sticks from Michaels because they have cute Valentine colors.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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