Treat Your Dog to a Treat!

Apr 18 2012
Treat Your Dog to a Treat!

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month (Also ASPCA month) so take a day out this month to do something extra special for your dog, cat, horse, fish, bird, lizard, bunny, chicken, goat ..... well you get the point. It was extra hot yesterday in So Cal so we made a toy-filled ice block for our newest adopted pet, Henry. Scroll down for instructions! 

Take your pet's dog bowl and place a couple new dog toys and/or dog bones inside the bowl. Cover the dog toys with water and place in the freezer.

Once frozen, remove from bowl and place on the ground (outside) for your pet to enjoy! 

Your little furry friend will chase that ice block around for hours! 

The aftermath : ) 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Anonymous said:
23 October, 2012 - 16:27
Great idea! what kind of treats would you put in that won't dissolve?
Judi said:
19 June, 2012 - 16:28
Love the idea to freeze a toy! I've been doing it and filling it with treats, but treats and a nylabone, oh my, they will be so happy:-) Thanks for the idea!
BjsKnits said:
23 April, 2012 - 17:59
my dog kept digging up the yard. tried this, kept him busy and no holes in the yard :) thanks for the tip.
JessieJane said:
24 April, 2012 - 00:37
Oh no! Glad your dog liked it : )
EvrydayCircus said:
21 April, 2012 - 09:05
I saw a black bear at the San Diego Zoo who was having a blast with something similar. Although I think it had fish in it! Thank you! I want to go this.
SouthernSeamsKids said:
19 April, 2012 - 16:01
That's a happy dog! Thanks for the tip.
PBnJDesign said:
18 April, 2012 - 11:08
Such a great idea on a hot so cal day!!