Three DIY Christmas Jars

Dec 08 2014
Three DIY Christmas Jars

I am still obsessed with mason jars.
I don't care what you say ... jars are always in style.
Plain, colored, vintage, or glittered ... they are all awesome.
I actually collect vintage jars. We have an antique store around the corner and I collect all the original Ball mason jars. I have this cart in my craft room with all the different blue jars and inside each one I have my crafting supplies. If you aren't a jar hoarder like myself you can easily create your own pretty jars with some spray paint and a tad bit of glitter.
Below I have three holiday inspired jar tutorials.
​Happy Holidays!

The Winter White Yarn Jars

All you need is white spray paint and white yarn. To see how we made this click here: DIY Winter White Yarn Jars

The DIY Christmas Striped Jar

All you need is painters tape, white spray paint, and red acrylic paint. To see how we made this click here: DIY Striped Mason Jars

The Christmas Glitter Dipped Mason Jar

All you need for this is red spray paint, glue, and glitter. To see how we made this click here: DIY Christmas Glitter Dipped Mason Jars

To see all our other colored Mason Jar Tutorials click here: Lilyshop Mason Jars

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