Thanksgiving Buffet Table

Nov 27 2013
Thanksgiving Buffet Table

I love a good buffet! In my house we always pronounce it "BUFF-it" : ) I made this Thanksgiving buffet table today on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel (weekdays 10am/9c). If you missed the episode you can scroll down and see what I did to create this look. 

Wishing everyone a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Pick your Color Theme: Do not use more than 3 main colors. I used one neutral: matte White, and Copper, and an accent of burnt orange.

2. Keep it Simple: Once you layer all your food on your table it will look like a complete cluster if you have too much going on so keep the decor simple. I spray painted pumpkins for the decor. I used matte white and metallic copper for a chic look.

3. Choose a Centerpiece: My centerpiece was made with antlers (Deer naturally shed their antlers so no hate mail please). I simply adhered votives to the antlers using Epoxy 6000. The antlers were spray painted with copper spray paint. 

4. Give your Buffet Table some Dimension: I used old paint cans and glass bowls and placed them under the orange table cloth in the center of the table. By doing this, you raise your table and create that "Hotel Buffet" look. 

5. Accent it: Always add pretty ivory candles and fresh flowers to finish your table!

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