Say Goodbye to the Brown Paper Bag!

Jun 27 2011
Say Goodbye to the Brown Paper Bag!

Say goodbye to the brown paper bag! Starting this Friday, July 1, 2011 all of the markets here in Calabasas, Ca (where Lilyshop is headquartered), will no longer be bagging groceries in that classic brown paper bag. It is now mandatory that we all trot to the local markets with our eco friendly cloth bags in tow. And what happens if you forget to bring your cloth bags? Or you need just ONE more bag to hold those pinwheel cookies and cheetos that snuck into your cart? Well, you will be charged a fee for each plastic bag the bagger has to use. And while this is a very cool eco friendly move for our city (and soon to be many more cities across the U.S.) we couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness in saying goodbye to the classic brown paper bag that gave us so many memories ..... 

Remember covering your school books? We covered a cookbook just for old times' sake ....

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