Ring Bearer Wedding Book

Jun 13 2013
Ring Bearer Wedding Book

Forget the ring bearer pillow .... this is so much BETTER.
This totally amazing moss ring bearer book is something any new couple can keep forever and even showcase on their coffee table long after the wedding. The bride and groom could also have the guests sign the pages of the book after the wedding nuptials.
Love, love, LOVE this!

What you need:
A hard cover book
TIP ~ Pick a book that's special to you. A book of love poems, your favorite book, a wedding book. You could even use a regular journal. I think I would use a cook book : ) 
A Martha Stewart magnetic punch
Spray Adhesive
Moss, Fabric, or paper to wrap the book

Pick the page you want to start your punch. You don't need to go into the middle of the book, but about 1/3 of the way or pick a page that is of significance to you. A special chapter. A special page number. 

Now place your Martha Stewart punch on the page where you want to make your punch. Be sure to measure from top and bottom because you will have to place your punch in this exact spot on every other page. You can only punch 3 pages at a time with these punches. 

TIP: If you don't have a punch you can always use an x acto knife. Did you know "x acto" was spelled that way? Neither did I. I thought it was "exacto" this whole time. So annoying. It's like when you read a book and you say a character's name one way the entire time and then they make a movie about the book and they pronounce the name correctly in the movie and then well ..... you're just all screwed up!

Ok, I'm done ranting. Continue punching till you have a hole about 1" deep. You only need a hole as deep as your rings will fit. Duh.

Now it's time to cover your book. For this book I chose moss and I used the "moss table runner" from Michaels. You get about 6' in a roll.

Using spray adhesive, spray your book cover and spine. Then wrap with moss and do the same with the back of the book.

Pretty right!?

Now tie your ribbon through the hole.

And attach it to your rings. Now the ring bearer will unwrap the ribbon and take off the rings! Love!

Here is another book I did for the Bride and Groom who are getting married on the Hallmark Channel. If you missed this episode you can watch it here

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Debbie Camp said:
20 June, 2013 - 11:57
OMG, this was so beautiful. I saw you on Home and Family making it and I loved them all but my favorite was the moss. Looks like something out of princess bride. You are amazing. I wish you had your own crafting show.