Ribbon Pillows

Jul 10 2013
Ribbon Pillows

Aren't these pillows beauuuuutiful? And they are so easy! Stacey from PBnJDesign.com stopped by to do some sewing with me and I thought this was super fun and EASY..... which I am ALL about. I had all this beautiful hand-dyed ribbon from Save-on-crafts left over from the wedding I did on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel and I thought it would be fun to sew it and attach to pillows. You could do this with so many colors. White ribbon on peach pillows would be lovelyyyyyy.

Bedroom pillows.

Couch pillows.

Ribbon Pillows

What you need
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon or soft ribbon
Sewing Machine
Needle and thread

1. Do a gathering stitch right through the middle of the ribbon (on your desired length of ribbon)

Gathering stitch
-Choose a straight stitch on your machine and set it to the longest length
-Stitch down the center of the ribbon
-DO NOT track back at the beginning or end 
-Gently tug on the top thread at one end while holding the other end sliding it along like a curtain rod
-When you have the ruffle at the length you want you can tie a knot at each end with the top and bottom thread

2. Once you have the desired amount of ruffle ribbon tack down the ruffled ribbon to your pillow by doing a small stitch about every 2-3 inches with a needle and thread.

Thank YOU to Save-on-Crafts for this fabulously amazing ribbon they so generously gave me!

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