Paper Leaf Garland

Nov 24 2014
Paper Leaf Garland

It's almost Thanksgiving time!
That means pumpkin pie, turkey, gravy, and paper leaf garland!?
This is such an easy DIY project boys and girls.
You literally only need some white Christmas lights, a brown paper bag, and scissors (we say SKISSORS in our house. You have to pronounce the "K". We cannot be the only people who do this? Right?
Ok, scroll down for the super easy tutorial.
Happy almost Thanksgiving!

Paper Leaf Garland

What you need
Brown paper bag
Hole Punch
White Christmas Lights
Maple Leaf template

1. Print out our leaf template and trace the leaves onto your brown paper bag.

2. Cut out all the leaves and hole punch the center of the leaf. 

4. Poke each light through one leaf. 

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