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Sep 02 2011
Pantry Perfect




"Well, if I had more space I would be more organized." Please! I don't want to hear it! You can organize any space, regardless of size. Whether you have a compact kitchen with limited cabinet space or you are lucky enough to have a spacious walk-in pantry you can aways tidy up your pantry.

My Four Rules to Organizing your Pantry
1. KNOW IT: How many of you don't have any clue what's in the back of your pantry shelves? The first step to organization is removing everything from your pantry. Once you have done this you can then decide what should stay, what can be consolidated, and what can be thrown in the garbage.

2. DIVIDE IT: Group items in categories. All my baking items are together on 2 shelves. Same with my canned goods, cereals, crackers, and so forth. Regardless of size you can always group items together. 

3. CONTAIN IT: Consider new storage containers. I use clear air tight plastic containers for my flours and sugars, a large basket for my random party favor candies as well as protein bars, and granola bars, and glass jars for my daughter's fruit snacks, raisins, and cookies. 

4. DATE IT: Always check the dates of your products. They should be organized from oldest to newest so you always grab the oldest item first. Growing up, my mom always kept a Sharpie Pen in our pantry. She would mark the date she bought each item right on top of the can. I always thought she was weird but years down the road she would pick up the can of corn and say Holy moly I bought this 6 years ago, time to throw it out! I guess it wasn't that weird : ) Now a days most everything comes with a "best use by" date.

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anonymous said:
14 February, 2013 - 11:46
makes good sense
Anonymous said:
13 September, 2012 - 12:10
I don't have a pantry, I just have shelves, much smaller space. One tip I like is to do a quick sweep and tidy up once every month. First Sunday of the month for me. Keeps it pretty easy to manage. It really only takes like 5-10 minutes. I love your blog. Great ideas.
Maryann said:
21 June, 2012 - 09:48
Love organization!! Looks great...time saving