Out with the OLD, in with the NEW!

May 12 2011
Out with the OLD, in with the NEW!


Throw out your dingy flip flops and stretched out underwear and that ill fitting bra. You use these items every single day and yet they are your most over-looked pieces! Flip flops and undies are fairly inexpensive so why not spend the money and replace these essentials immediately!

With a little planning you can replace these items for very little money. Craft shops have flip flops on sale in January and mid summer. I have seen them at Michaels sometimes as low as $1. Bras and underwear will most likely be on sale all throughout the year and they always have buy 3 get one free deals.
Be sure to toss out the old and replace with the new pieces or you will be tempted to grab the old ones and save those new fresh items! Your drawers do not need the extra baggage so toss it! 
Keep this new mindset as you come across other inexpensive items that you tend to hold on to. Out with the old and in with the new!

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