Organize Your Way to the Holidays

Sep 16 2012
Organize Your Way to the Holidays

The holidays will be here before you know it so before you get swamped with gift shopping and present wrapping, sit down and organize your supplies. Here are a couple quick organizing tips ... and the actual supplies that I use in my own home. 

#1.  Ribbon Storage

How many of you have a bin full of un-organized ribbon? These 12 x 12 Iris storage bins (intended for scrapbooking paper) are totally affordable and make for awesome ribbon storage. When putting your ribbon in these bins make sure all your rolls are secure. If you have already used your ribbon try securing the ribbon end with a piece of tape so everything doesn't get all tangled. Arrange all your ribbon rolls by color. My second bin contains all my grays, browns, and blacks. 

The lid is see-through so you always know what ribbon rolls you have and these light weight boxes are perfect to grab and take into another room (I like wrapping everything on my family room floor). 

#2.  Scrapbooking & General Crafts

I'm using the same Iris 12 x 12 boxes from Michaels to store all my papers and scrapbooking materials. Again, I use the clear containers so I can see what I have and I separate everything out into it's own containers so everything is completely organized. Another good tip is to label all your boxes. They are clear so you don't have to, but a lot of the scrapbooking materials tend to look the same so I find it easier to sort everything when I label the boxes. 

#3. Craft Supplies

I keep my everyday crafting supplies right on my table for easy access. I have collected antique tins, and jars over the years and that's where I keep all my essentials. Sharpies, markers, pencils, chalk, rulers, scissors, and paintbrushes are all right there for me to grab. 

You don't need fancy containers  for your crafting supplies. You can use everyday jars from your fridge. Just peal off the labels and give them a good wash once your done.

#4. Cards. Cards. Cards.

I buy a lot of my cards in advance. I purchased these clear containers from Michaels. They are intended for photos but I labeled the tabs and now use them for my cards. If I see a card that I think my friend will love I buy it right then and there and save it for their birthday. I always have extra holiday cards, thank you notes, and birthday cards on hand so I never have to run out and buy one last minute. After the holidays a lot of cards go on sale so it's a great time to stock up and get what you need.

#5.  Wrapping Supplies

I keep all my tissue papers in a dresser. You can easily keep your tissue paper in another clear storage box but I had the space in an extra dresser so I use it to house all my wrapping papers. Again, always color-coordinate!

If you have any fun organizing tips for the Holidays please email me at and I will share them on the site! : )

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Carla Arnouville said:
18 July, 2013 - 18:27
I organized my greeting cards in the same categories in a mini crate, but I think I am going to make a trip to Michaels for the clear containers. I love organization tips.
JessieJane said:
18 July, 2013 - 21:32
Me too! I love the card organization. I feel like you never have enough cards! : )
Sharron said:
20 January, 2013 - 21:31
Not only well organized but color coordinated. I just wish I could afford the supplies. Me & my boyfriend both have hobbies and hope some day use our spear room just for that.