Oreo Turkeys

Nov 19 2013
Oreo Turkeys

Nothing cuter than an Oreo Turkey! These are perfect for Thanksgiving .... Don't ya thinkkkkk!?

What you need:
Double Stuffed Oreos
Candy Corn
Chocolate Frosting
Yellow Frosting
Red Frosting
Malt Balls
Peanut Butter Cups

See the tutorial below! 


Using chocolate frosting attach two Double stuffed Oreos together like shown above.


Gently slice the bottom off of one peanut butter cup and attach it to the base with more chocolate frosting.

Lay your little Oreo on it's back to attach the malt ball like shown above. It won't fall off if it dries laying down.

Now insert 5 candy corns into the top Oreo. I didn't use any frosting. The double stuffed Oreos are pretty wide.

Next you want to cut off the yellow portion of one candy corn and using yellow frosting attach it to the center of your malt ball. This is the nose.

Now pipe in a tiny bit of red to make the "snood" on the turkey neck. Yeah, it's called a "snood" .... Duhhh. (Totally just Googled that.) Also pipe on some tiny yellow eyes and you can add a black sprinkle for the centers or just a drop of chocolate frosting. Sorry, this is where it gets a tad bit annoying. It's hard making these little features. I recommend using a piping bag with a super tiny tip. 

If you are feeling extra creative you can pipe on two little feet and then I placed the little guy on top of a cupcake! 



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