Obnoxiously Chic Desk Organizers

Aug 20 2014
Obnoxiously Chic Desk Organizers

Hmmmmm what can we do with old soup cans!?
My mind is spinning. Can we paint them gold!?
Um yesssssss!
Can we add ridiculously fancy gems!?
Um yesssssss!
Scroll down for this chic DIY my creative friends.

Obnoxiously Chic Desk Organizers

What you need
Old soup cans
Gold Spray Paint
Hot Glue
Tacky Rhinestones

1. Remove the label from your soup can and wash with hot water and try and remove any sticky stuff left over from the label.

2. Spray paint the cans gold and let dry. If desired you can add fake gems with hot glue : )

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