How to Photograph Your Product

Dec 06 2011
How to Photograph Your Product

Beautiful, crisp photos are KEY to successful selling on Lilyshop. Your photos need to convey not only the true size and shape of your product, but also the accurate color and texture of the item you are listing. Here are our tips:

1. LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT. Fabulous light means fabulous pictures. For photographing people choose soft lighting (or cloudy days). Avoid harsh, direct sunlight. For pictures of products use the early morning light. You can even take your pictures indoors, just get close enough to a bright, open window. 

2. USE A PLAIN BACKGROUND. Everyone has a plain piece of white cardboard, or a plain sheet they can use as a background. If you are using a table, try and get only the table in the background. No one wants to see everything else going on in the picture. If you are using props in your picture style them appropriately. No need for an over-ubundance of props. You're selling your item, not the prop. 

3. CHILL WITH THE CROPPING. Move in close to the item you are photographing so you don't have to crop everything else out. If your picture is cropped and too small we will not use it for the homepage slots. Please use a full size picture when uploading. 

4. LOCK THE FOCUS. If you are taking a picture of your necklace make sure the focus is on the pendant and not the string. If you are taking a picture of your hair clip, make sure the focus is on the hair clip and not the table it is sitting on. You get the point. Pay attention to the focus so the most crisp, visible area of the photo is your item and not something else in the background.

5. GET DOWN WITH IT. Get down on the same level as the item you are photographing. If you are up too high or down too low your item's scale will appear much different than it really is. Make sure you are even with the item you are photographing.

6. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE IN THE MIDDLE. Artistic photos feature their subject to the right or left of their photo. You can bring your photo to life by simply placing your item off-center. Just remember to lock your focus before re-framing your shot.  

7. LEARN YOUR CAMERA. If you have an awesome camera or even a not-so-great camera, read the instruction booklet. There are so many helpful little buttons on that camera of yours that can drastically improve the quality of your pictures. 
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