How to make a Wedding Favor Cake

Jul 05 2013
How to make a Wedding Favor Cake

I had to come up with a wedding favor idea for the 170 guests at Charlie and Gabbi's wedding on the Hallmark Channel this past week and I wanted it to be special, but also very unique. I decided on using these gorgeous monogrammed wedding cookies from Clearly Cookies and putting them in photo boxes stacked up like a cake! The wedding favor cake looked amazing. Scroll down to see how I did it!

The gorgeous picture of the couple was taken by Mark Steines.

A little behind the scenes photo of my set up on the Hallmark Channel. Shutterfly printed these pictures for us and Save-on-crafts gave us all the hand dyed fabulous ribbon.

These are the cookies from Clearly Cookies. LOVE!

The wedding favor cake in action at the wedding.

DIY Wedding Favor Cake

What you need
White or Kraft Jewelry boxes from Uline
4" x 4" pictures from Shutterfly
3M spray glue adhesive
Hand dyed Ribbon from Save-on-Crafts

1. Spray the back of your 4" x 4" photos with 3M spray glue and apply to the top of each jewelry box.
2. Fill box with cookies or favors and stack like a wedding cake.
3. Tie Ribbon around each layer of the cake.

Photo credit for all pictures in this blog post: (c) 2013 Crown Media United States, LLC/Alex Henry Studios, Jeremy Lee

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