How to make a Spider Piñata

Oct 05 2016
How to make a Spider Piñata
Spider Pinata 
(Adapted from OhHappyDay)
What you need
1 -24" balloon
liquid starch
1 large black crepe paper roll
mod podge
hot glue
black and yellow paint
2 - small styrofoam balls
2 wrapping paper tubes
utility knife
cord or string
1. Cover your work space with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth.
2. Cut or tear newspaper into approximately 1" X 12" strips. You will need a LOT of strips!
3. Blow up the balloon and tie it off. Attach a string to the balloon. To keep the balloon from rolling around your work space place it in a large bowl.
4. Pour an inch or so of liquid starch into a large bowl. Place some of the newspaper strips in the starch. Coat them thoroughly. Take strips one at a time and remove excess liquid by running them through pinched fingers or scrap on the edge of the bowl. Lay strips in a criss cross pattern on the balloon. Continue layering until the balloon is covered. Leave the knot/string uncovered to make the balloon removal easier. Repeat this process 4-5 times, allowing each layer to dry before adding another. Let the pinata sit until it is completely dry and has hardened. This could take several days. (you can use the string to "hang" the pinata to allow for quicker all over drying)
5. Pop and remove the balloon. Next paint the pinata black. This will smooth out the paper and make a more even surface. Use black as it may show throw the crepe paper. Allow the paint to dry.
6. Cut the wrapping paper tubes in half then slit them in half lengthwise leaving you with 8 pieces. Paint the pieces black and set aside to dry.
7. Paint the styrofoam balls yellow. When dry, paint on black eyeballs. Set aside.
8. Prep your crepe paper by unrolling it into a 1 ½' strip. Roll it back on itself with another 1 ½' piece. Repeat twice so you have 4 layers on top of each other at the 1 ½' length (about 6 foot total) and cut from the roll. Use scissors to cut slits in the layers of crepe paper about ¾ of the way thru to the shorter edge spacing them about ¼" - ½" apart. Make the slits the entire length of the crepe paper. Repeat the entire process as needed to make enough strips for your pinata.
9. Determine the rear-end of your spider. This is where you will begin gluing your crepe paper to the pinata. Start with small pieces of crepe paper (you can trim these from your prepped strips). Spread Mod Podge in a small circle and attach the crepe paper. Continue gluing and attaching making ever bigger circles of crepe paper. As the circles get bigger you can use larger and larger pieces of crepe paper until you are able to use an entire prepped strip. Check occasionally that your lines of crepe paper around the pinata are straight. Repeat until the entire pinata is covered. Using individual pieces on the "face" area will give it a more finished and even look. Cover the center of the face with a flat circle of crepe paper. Set aside to dry.
10. For the legs - take one leg and bend it in half slightly for a "knee" joint. Take a strip of prepped crepe paper and starting at one end, begin painting glue in a spiral pattern and lay the crepe paper on the leg. Leave a little crepe paper hanging off the edge for a "foot". Press down and continue spiraling up the leg to within a half inch or so of the top. Trim off any excess. Repeat with the remaining legs.
11. Attach eyes to the front/center of the spider with hot glue. Hold in place if needed until the glue sets.
12. Determine where you want your legs. Using a leg as a guide cut a half moon slit with a utility knife in the body of the spider. Cut 3 or 4 slits at the top of the leg (the end without crepe paper) and bend them to make "flaps" to attach the leg into the spider body. Test fit before adding hot glue and sticking the flaps into the hole. Pull the leg back a bit and hold in place until the glue sets. Repeat with the remaining legs. Allow to dry thoroughly.
13. Cut two small holes in the top of the spider a few inches apart and run a cord through to hang the pinata.
14. Cut a slit toward the back of the spider making an opening just big enough to insert your candy/toys/etc.
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