How to Make Fairy Dust

Feb 10 2015
How to Make Fairy Dust

Life can be a whirlwind.

All you need is faith, trust, and a little fairy dust.

These pretty bottles are the perfect gift for someone who needs a little something special. Whether you fill it with "Fairy Dust" or "Love" or "Courage" or even "Strength" I'm sure whoever receives it will be very, very thankful. And they are also just absolutely perfect for all ages. Don't you think? My older daughter, Lily, believes in fairies and sometimes they even leave special trinkets on her windowsill : ) so I know should we flip over one of these bottles. As for me, I have one sitting next to my computer and it makes me smile every morning. Do you know anyone that needs some fairy dust?   

Fairy Dust Bottles

What you need
Mini Glass Bottles
Piece of paper & Pen
Lilyshop Fairy Dust Template

1. Fill your mini glass bottle half way with glitter.

2. Cut a small piece of paper and write "Fairy Dust" on it. You can also take a different approach and write "courage" or "strength" or "love potion" or whatever you want. Place the note in the bottle and close shut.

3. Print out the Lilyshop Fairy Dust Printable on thick construction paper and make sure to give it to the person you are giving the fairy dust bottle too.

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