How to make an Easter Veggie Garden

Feb 24 2015
How to make an Easter Veggie Garden

Everyone has served a vegetable tray at some point in their life. Whether you have made your own, or picked one up at Costco, I am certain you all have served a veggie tray. And I am also assuming you all just dumped some carrots on a platter with some pre-cut celery and a side of ranch. Don't lie. I do it all the time too hehe. Well, today I am showing you how to make a fancy pants Easter garden veggie tray with my good friend Kirk Hawkins from KTLA news. Watch our YouTube video below!

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Easter Veggie Garden

What you need
Pumpernickel bread
Flax seed (optional)
Different veggies
Ranch dressing
Tray or platter, lined with foil
Doll house fencing
Hot glue

1. Hot glue your doll house fence all the way around your tray or platter. *TIP: If you are using a metal tray, the hot glue will pull off when you are done and want your normal tray back.

2. Line your tray with foil if it's not a serving dish.

3. Pulse your pumpernickle bread in a food processor until it's very fine and pour onto your tray. I added flaxseed to mix in with the bread so it looks like actual dirt.

4. Wash and dry your veggies and stick them in the dirt in individual rows.

5. Serve with a side of ranch. 

6. I added chalkboard signs to my garden, but these are optional.

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