How to Make Easter Jars

Mar 04 2015
How to Make Easter Jars

Hop hop.

Chirp chirp.

It's almost Easter!

Easter Jars

What you need
Mason Jars
Pink Felt
White Felt
Bunny Ear Template
Yellow craft paper for Chick
Tacky glue
Hot glue
Google eyes

1. Paint your lids and let dry. If you are making the bunny, paint the lid white and paint the chick lid yellow. 

2. If you are making the bunny jar, download the bunny ear template and cut them out of felt. Using tacky glue gently press the pink felt to the center of the white glue and then with hot glue secure the ears to the top of your lid.

3. If you are making the chick jar, simply cut a triangle out of yellow paper and fold it in half and with a small amount of hot glue, attach it to the jar. 

4. Using hot glue, add the little google eyes as well.

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