How to make a Bookshelf with old crates

Jul 22 2016
How to make a Bookshelf with old crates

This week I am back on HGTV Handmade and I'm making a DIY crate bookshelf! This shelf adds character to any room and since you're making it no oneeeee else will have an identical piece : ) I feel like Phoebe in Friends. Remember that episode where Rachel keeps buying everything from Pottery Barn because she loves Ross' furniture, but she lies to Phoebe and tells her it is all from a flea market!? Bahahahha. I love that show. And I love this shelf. If you live in Los Angeles, I purchased my antique crates from the Agoura antique market. Aren't they beautiful?

Check out the video below and be sure to leave a comment! Xx


DIY Antique Crate Bookshelf

What you need
(4) antique crates
(12) joining metal plates
(24) screws

1. Flip your crates over on their sides and stack two of them together. Place your mending plates on the crates, positioning one in the back and one in the front. Screw them in and then add your third crate and do the same. Continue with the fourth crate as well.

2. Flip your crates over and add mending plates to the other side just as you did previously. If you wish to use caster wheels you can add them to the bottom. 

TIPS: Be sure to use deep crates so the book shelf isn't too narrow and if you find that your shelf is flimsy you will need to secure it to the wall. As for the hardware, I couldn't find brass hardware last minute, but if you have time order matching hardware online so it fits your home. 

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