Healthy Kale Smoothie

Jan 14 2013
Healthy Kale Smoothie
Sometimes I eat healthy and sometimes I eat three pieces of pizza and four brownies
.... ahem .... last night.

In case of any "accidental" binges ..... have some kale on hand for the next morning so you can make this totally awesome Kale smoothie the next day. 

Kale Smoothie

2 cups chopped kale
1 1/2 cups frozen peaches
1 1/2 cups fresh pineapple
1 ripe banana
1/4 cup apricot juice

Pulse all the ingredients in a blender until completely blended. Pour into a cup and enjoy! 
Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Rebecca said:
24 July, 2013 - 12:37
Oh and one key I learned from watching Jessie make this one on is that she uses the apricot juice by Looza to make this juice and it really makes the difference. I tried another apricot juice the other day when my store ran out of the looza brand and I didn't like it. Looza brand all the way! I use organic kale and bananas for my twist :)
JessieJane said:
24 July, 2013 - 20:24
I will add that to the notes! You are right. That juice is sooooo good. Thanks for watching and commenting!
Rebecca said:
24 July, 2013 - 12:32
Looooooove this one
Rebecca said:
24 July, 2013 - 12:25
This is one of my favorites and I make almost everyday :)
JessieJane said:
24 July, 2013 - 20:24
So glad to hear! I haven't made it in a while. I am making it this week now! So yum.
Terri said:
17 January, 2013 - 10:11
LOVE THIS. I made it the last two mornings for my breakfast. I was full way past lunch, amazing. THANK YOU
JessieJane said:
24 July, 2013 - 20:25
You are so welcome!! Thanks for the comments : )
Pamala said:
17 January, 2013 - 09:57
Looks amazing. Can't wait to try this! Thank you so much lilyshop
PaulaK said:
15 January, 2013 - 12:18
I saw you on home and family. I love your website. This blog is GREAT!!! I am going to make a smoothie and start shopping on your site. Thanks again, fun fun!!
Toni B said:
15 January, 2013 - 12:16
The peaches are so sweet they will mask the bitterness of the kale....seriously good for you smoothie. Thanks!
Lisa R said:
15 January, 2013 - 12:14
Not sure about the it still sweet?? I want to get the benefits of kale without the taste. I will give it a try and let you know! All your stuff on the blog is great so I trust you now :)
DebbieT said:
15 January, 2013 - 12:12
I LOVE this recipe....did it this morning minus the apricot juice (didn't have it). I used orange juice.
Anonymous said:
15 January, 2013 - 12:10
I love kale so I don't have to try and hide it in stuff :) Either way this smoothie looks great. I will try.