Gourd Flowers

Nov 27 2014
Gourd Flowers

We have a last minute Thanksgiving centerpiece! Check out these gorgeoussssss gourd vases. So simple and so pretty. All you need is a knife and a melon baller.

Gourd Vases

What you need
Melon Baller

1. Slice the top of your gourd off and throw away. 

2. With a melon baller, scrape out the center of the gourd, leaving about an inch around the rim. Scoop almost all the way down till you're about two inches from the bottom. 

3. Fill with flowers right before placing on the table. The moisture from the gourd will keep the flowers looking fresh all Thanksgiving. There is no need to fill with water, but you can do so if you wish. I would place something under the gourd if you fill it with water. 

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