Gold Inspired Thanksgiving Table

Nov 17 2014
Gold Inspired Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving should be all about family, friends, good energy, and good food. It's a time to relax, play board games and just take in everything around you. This year we are keeping it classy with a gold inspired Thanksgiving table. It's minimal and to the point and best of all it takes very little time and very little money. You are going to use dry leaves from your backyard, real pumpkins, left over from Halloween most likely, and a can of gold spray paint. 

I kept the table very minimal with no tablecloth. I like the look of natural wood under the place settings. I placed pumpkins down the center of the table (this table only shows 4 settings, but you would add pumpkins all the way down if you were seating more). I used my white Crate & Barrel plates and white napkins for a clean look. My flatware (I call it goldware) is from Design Within Reach. Gold flat

ware is very on trend right now and it's popping up everywhere. It certainly warms up the table, don't you think? I am in love with my white resin coasters from Tina Frey Designs and the Alegre glasses are also from Crate & Barrel

There are three pumpkins on this table. One large in the center and two smaller. If you have a long table I recommend doing all different sizes. The center pumpkin was spray painted gold and the others were left natural. 

All the leaves are spray painted gold. Be careful with the leaves because they are dried leaves and they will crumble if you touch them too much. I sprayed them all when they had just fallen off the tree and let them dry on a piece of cardboard until I was ready to place them on the table.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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