Fourth of July Star Garland

Jun 27 2016
Fourth of July Star Garland
I just got back from Cabo and it was ahmazzzing. I had never been before. I had only been to Mexico one time before and that was a quick trip to Cancun for a High School senior graduation vacation. I went to Senor Frogs and drank too much and it was not good. Not good at all. The trip was a bit of a blur and now that I have two girls there is no way in hell that they will be going there. Yeah, that's right. I'm that mom now! So anyway, Cabo was beautiful. We stayed at the One and Only Palmilla and dear heaven was it fabulous. They give you neck wraps and leg pillows at the pool and this spray on ice for when you lay out. They have a butler for the room and they literally bend over backwards for you. No seriously, David dropped his fork and the waiter bent over backwards to pick it up! Never seen anything like it. If you have never been to this resort you should check it out. Pretty incredible. As are these simple craft stick stars. Ok fine, they don't even compare to the trip, but they are super cute and you can make them in a couple hours. That's gotta be worth something right!? Cabo pictures and star garland tutorial below! 
Craft Stick Fourth of July Garland
What you need
5 Popsicle or craft sticks per star
hot glue gun or E6000 adhesive
red, white and blue spray paint
1. Glue sticks together in a star shape (as in the picture). Make as many stars as you like. Allow to dry completely.
2. Spray paint in desired colors.
3. Attach string to the top point of a star with an overhand knot. Continue stringing stars at 8-12 inch intervals alternating colors. Hand to display.
Tip: If hanging your stars outside use E6000 adhesive. The hot glue may become soft and the stars may not stay together.
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