Edible Solo Cups

Feb 02 2017
Edible Solo Cups
1 hour
25 minutes

Ummmmmm hello!? Edible Solo cups! Whhhhhhaaaaaat! Karen was looking for something fun to do for our Super Bowl segment on KTLA and she stumbled upon this super cool edible solo cup tutorial on How to Cake That. It looks super complicated, but it's actually pretty straight forward and the finished product is delicioussssss!

Edible Solo Cups
Original Recipe from How to Cake That
What you need
9oz clear plastic cups
Yellow cake mix
Chocolate frosting
Chocolate syrup
Round cookie cutters
1. Prepare cake as directed on box. Bake in a 13" X 9" pan lined with parchment paper. Allow to cool completely and remove from pan. 
2. Cut a slit from the top to bottom edge on one side of a plastic cup. Repeat on other side. Do NOT cut the bottom of the cup. To keep the candy melts from seeping out tape the slits closed. Fold one edge of the tape over to leave a flap to pull it off with later.
3. Put the candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. Melt according to directions on package. Once completely melted allow to sit for a minute or two to thicken slightly. Coat the inside of the plastic cup with a thick layer of the melted candy. Cover the entire cup up to the top edge. Check for any air bubbles and remove to keep the outside of the cup smooth. Set in the refrigerator to harden. Add additional layers of candy if needed. Allow the cup to harden completely between layers. (one bag of melts should be enough for 3 candy cups)
4. Remove the cup from the refrigerator. Clean up the edges of the cup by running a sharp knife across the rim to remove any excess candy. 
5. Unmold the cup by pulling the tape off gently. Separate the two halves and pull the candy cup out. Handle the cup as little as possible with your hands to keep it from melting. 
6. Choose cookie cutters a little smaller than the diameter of your plastic cup. Cut cake rounds from the cake. Spoon a little frosting into the candy cup. Place a cake round on top of the frosting. Cover the top of the round completely with frosting. Repeat with another cake round and frosting layer. Add additional cake layers if needed until the cake reaches just below the top of the cup. Frost the last layer leaving room for the chocolate syrup.
7. Roll out some white fondant into a long, thin string. Add a little water to the rim of the cup. Place the string of fondant onto the rim and press gently in place. Trim any excess. 
8. Add a straw and smooth the frosting around the straw if needed. Allow the frosting to firm up in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or so before adding the chocolate syrup.
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