Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Apr 06 2012
Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Let me first apologize for this dreadful picture! I was in a hurry when I made this little guy. I had limited light and limited time to photograph .... not to mention a three year old on my back trying to eat it while I snapped away. So if you look past the out of focus bunny face and dark shadows you can sorta see a super cute bunny cupcake - do you see it? I wanted to make this bunny cupcake because I was tired of seeing all the other bunny cupcakes on Pinterest that used toothpicks and toys ears and every other inedible component you could imagine. If you're going to make a kid-friendly cupcake or any cupcake in my opinion, leave out the paper, toothpicks, and skewers people! Instructions are below. Happy Easter Weekend everyone.


You need plain white frosted cupcakes for this project. All other ingredients are listed below.

These are the sculpted lady finger ears. Tip: To keep the lady fingers moist, drape a wet paper cloth over them. They absorb the water and come back to life : )

The Pocky sticks I used for the whiskers. You can also youse black licorice. 

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

What you need
White frosted cupcakes (Could also use brown - doesn't matter)
Lady Fingers (For the ears and feet)
Pink frosting (For the ears)
Colored frosting (For the shoe laces)
Mini marshmallows & pink M&Ms (For the mouth)
Googley Eyes and Cadbury mini eggs (For the eyes and nose)
Chocolate Pocky sticks (For the whiskers)


1. Make your ears and shoes first. The shoes are easy. I just cut one lady finger in half and used green frosting for the laces. The ears took a little bit of sculpting with a knife and then I filled the center with pink frosting. Place all the ears and shoes in the fridge so the frosting hardens. 

2. Now add your face to the plain white frosted  cupcake while the lady fingers are hardening in the fridge. I used the Cadbury mini eggs (AKA: the best candy in the world) for the eyes and nose. I attached little candy googley eyes to the blue eggs so they looked like eyeballs. (TIP: If you cut the eggs in half they will sit better) I used two mini marshmallows to make the mouth and a pink M&M in between. The whiskers were made with Pocky sticks that I cut up. (They have these at most grocery markets)

3. Lastly, add your lady finger ears and shoes. Attach both using some of the frosting from the top of your cupcake.


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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