DIY Tissue Paper Rose Headband

Jan 05 2016
DIY Tissue Paper Rose Headband

Sooooooo season 20 of the Bachelor premiered last night and I don't usually watch the show .... I mean I watched way back in the day when the show first started, but it's hard to keep up with these shows once you become a grownup and have children, laundry, dishes, vaccuuming, vacuumming, dear God how do you spell vacuuming ... and all those other exciting chores that come with parenthood. Well last night I sat down and did nothing. Nothing! Can you imagine? I laid on my cloud couch and watched the Bachelor. Well to be honest, I only watched 10 minutes of the Bachelor, but it was enough time to see Mandi Kremer with her giant rose headband! Whatttttttt!? I'm sorry, I had no idea this type of headwear was acceptable for a first date? This is amazing! I woke up this morning and was like I NEED one of those! So I made one. And then I changed my Bumble profile pic. (Kidding) Xx

Giant Tissue Paper Rose Headband

What you need
12 sheets of tissue paper (20"x26")
Pipe cleaner
Head Band

1. Fold your tissue paper back and forth with 1" folds, creating a fan.

2. Fold the entire fanned stack in half and place the pipe cleaner in the middle. Twist the pipe cleaner tight around the middle.

3. Cut about 1/2" off the edges of both sides of tissue paper to they become rounded like rose petals.

4. Carefully peel back the pieces of tissue paper, creating your flower. Use the pipe cleaner tie to secure to headband!

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