DIY Stir Sticks

Jan 09 2014
DIY Stir Sticks

Ummmm hello!?
What's a party without some gorgeous drink stirrers!?
Seriously, can we talk about gold spray paint for a second?
I feel like it's totally life changing.
You can literally spray a piece of trash with gold spray paint and watch it completely transform into this uber trendy piece of trash. You know what I'm saying?
Ok whatever.
We made these super fancy drink stirrers with Kin Community and Truvía®. Scroll down for the full tutorial and fancy video on Kin Community!

What you need
Plastic animals from the craft store
Colorful glossy spray spaint
Wooden Skewers
Hot glue

So fancyyyy.

So pretttttty.

Ok, I will walk you through this.

Lay down a piece of cardboard or newspaper so you can spray paint your animals. Lay all the animals on their sides a couple inches apart.

Spray paint one side from about 10" away. Let completely dry (about 5 minutes).

Flip the animals over (if they are dry) and spray paint the other side and let dry again. Stand all the animals upright and spray any areas you may have missed. Let completely dry.

Using hot glue, put a dab of glue on the belly (underneath) of the animal. 

Immediately press your wooden skewer into the animal and hold steady until dry (about 1 minute).

And now you have fancy drink stirrers! If you use plastic drink stirrers you can wash them, but if you use the wooden skewers like this and want to reuse the animals just pop them all off before you throw out the used wooden skewers and then you can re-attach the animals again.

We collaborated with Truvía® to make an amazing low-calorie cosmopolitan and these super fun gold animal stir sticks. 

You can watch this video here on Youtube and be sure to comment! Truvia with Lilyshop

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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