DIY Number Two Pencil Jar

Oct 11 2016
DIY Number Two Pencil Jar

Everyone loves a fancy mason jar : ) 

The perfect teachers gift or pencil jar for your desk. See the easy tutorial below!

DIY No.2 Pencil Mason Jar

What you need
(1) Wide Mouth Mason Jar
Yellow Spray Paint
1.5" wide x 12" long piece of gray felt
2" wide x 12" long piece of hot pink felt
Hot glue

1. Remove the lid from your mason jar and set aside. Place the mason jar on a piece of newspaper outside and spray paint yellow. You could also use regular acrylic paint. Let dry.

2. Take the entire lid of the mason jar (not just the center circle) and trace a circle on the hot pink felt.

3. Cut a 2" wide by 12" long piece of hot pink felt and another almost exact sized strip (1.5" wide), but out of the gray felt. This will be your eraser. Using hot glue, carefully place a small amount of hot glue down one side of the pink felt and just barely overlap the gray felt on top of it. 

4. Hot glue the hot pink/gray strip around your lid very carefully, making sure the top of the hot pink felt lines up perfectly with the top of the lid rim and the gray felt just hangs down. Cut the end off of the strip when it butts up to the other end of the felt so you have a perfectly flush top. Now place a thin line of hot glue around the rim of the mason jar lid (not the center piece) and attach your eraser top. Press gently to secure and let dry.

5. Attach your lid to your jar and using a black Sharpie, write "No.2" .

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