DIY Lazy Susan

Jul 28 2014
DIY Lazy Susan

Helllllllloooooo Lazy Susan. I made you on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel and I LOVE you! If you missed me, please see the tutorial below and make me ASAP.

If you missed this episode you can watch it here or scroll down for the tutorial! 

Jessie Jane makes a DIY Lazy Susan on Home and Family

How to make a Lazy Susan

What you need
24" Wood Round
Lazy Susan Hardware (at any Home improvement store)
(4) 1/4" - 1/2" Screws
Screw Driver
Hot Glue
Martha Stewart Wood Stain
Wood Paint
UV Clear Spray paint


1. Stain your wood round and let dry. I used the new Martha Stewart wood stains and they were awesome! They come in a squeeze bottle now so there is no mess. (These little things make me sooooo happy!)

2. Usine your stencils, carefully stencil each letter. If you are stenciling words like I did, you will want to have some of your words hang off the edge. Once dry, coat with a UV clear spray.

3. Hot glue a square piece of felt to the bottom of your lazy susan hardware so it doesn't scratch your table.

4. Using a screw driver screw the lazy susan hardware to the center of your wood lazy susan.

Tips: I found that Home Depot only offered two sizes of wood rounds, but my Ace Hardware store had multiple sizes and very nice wood in addition to cheap plywood. 

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