DIY Grocery Tote Bags

Jul 24 2013
DIY Grocery Tote Bags

Many cities are banning plastic bags in the grocery store and while you coulllllld buy one of those fabulous market totes its pretty easy to make your own and you will look soooooo much more fashionable. What will your tote say?

What you need:
Freezer paper
Canvas tote bag
Paint brush
Fabric paint

First thing first you need freezer paper. This is going to act as your stencil and you will iron this to your bag. You can find freezer paper in your regular grocery store.

Now take your canvas tote and iron out all the wrinkles. Lay it flat on your surface. Note: You can buy plain colored tote bags at Michaels or even cheaper online.

Print out the design you are going to cut out and trace on your bag. You could also freehand a design on freezer paper if you didn't want to use a printer.

Now trace your design on your freezer paper. This is IMPORTANT! Trace your design on the matte side of the paper. The shiny side of the freezer paper will be ironed down to your tote bag. Cut out your design. Remeber that the portion you cut out will be where the color goes.

Iron your stencil to your bag. Your heat should be set to whatever fabric your bag is. I used a canvas bag so my heat was on HIGH. It only takes about one minute for the freezer paper to adhere to your bag.

Now paint inside your stencil and let dry for 10 minutes.

Peel off your stencil and touch up any weird areas.


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