DIY Dip Dye Sleeve Sweatshirt

Jan 06 2017
DIY Dip Dye Sleeve Sweatshirt

About three weeks ago I slipped down my staircase and ate sh*t. My entire butt was bruised and I was pretty sure in that moment I was about to die all alone at the bottom of my staircase. I decided to hold on to the railing from now on ... until last night when I was rushing and I did it again. I have decided I need Life Alert. I am at the age where death by staircase is a possibility. I live all alone and on the days when my kids are at their Dad's house there is a chance no one would find me for hours until Karen comes at 8 am the next morning ... crumpled up in my lamb pajamas clutching my keyboard waffle iron no doubt. Getting old is terrible. I am 34, I have these weird wrinkles forming on the side of my face, I have to take Iron pills every single day, and now I need Life Alert. Holy heaven help me. 

P.S. This dip dyed sweatshirt is easy and it will look fabulous paired with a Life Alert necklace. Scroll down for the tutorial.



DIY Dip Dye Sweatshirt

What you need
Rit Liquid Black Dye
(1) Cotton reglan sweatshit (Mine is from American Apparel)
1/2 cup salt
Plastic Gloves

1. Fill up a large pot (that you no longer cook with) with hot water and set on the stove to boil. RIT works best in really hot water. So bring the water to a boil, then turn off. 

2. Shake your bottle of RIT and pour 1/2 of the bottle into the pot. Use a metal spoon to stir the dye around (or a wood stick or something else you don't cook with). Add 1/2 cup salt if your sweatshirt is cotton and stir again.

3. Fold your sweatshirt in half and hold the body of the sweatshirt, letting the arms dangle. Do not let the arms touch each other. If you hold the sweatshirt in the middle it should look like you are dipping little sweatpant legs into the water.

4. Dip the arms evenly into the dye so they are the same on both sides and hold in the water for 2 minutes. When you are dying a full garment you will submerge the fabric for 30 minutes, but since we are only dip dying you only need a couple minutes. After about two minutes I dipped just the ends of the sweatshirt for about 3 more minutes so the cuffs were a tad bit darker than the rest of the sleeve. 

5. Carefully remove the sweatshirt and use a pan or something to catch the drips before holding it over a sink. Carefully use the faucet to remove the remaining dye but DO NOT let the sleeves touch each other or the middle of the sweatshirt. Whatever the sleeves touch, will turn the color to black so be very careful with this part. Continue running warm water over the sleeves and use your gloves to wring out extra color. After about 5 minutes or so you can wash in the sink with detergent and dry in the dryer. 

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