The Dirty List - Keeping it Clean

Mar 06 2012
The Dirty List - Keeping it Clean

So you think you know what the germiest places in your house are? Think again. Here are 5 of the dirtiest places in your own home that you probably touch over and over again each and every day. 


The Keyboard

Now you probably always wash your hands after using the bathroom, but do you wash your hands after touching your keyboard? A British study was conducted in 2005 and and they discovered that there is approximately 200 times more bacteria on a keyboard than on the average toilet seat! WHAT!! So the next time you think it's OK to rest your pretzels on the edge of your keyboard while you type away ..... think again! You're better off eating right from your toilet seat! Everytime you press those keys and then eat your lunch you are transferring thousands of disgusting germs. So the next time you sit down to do a quick google search on your new neighbor, take a damp rag sprayed with disinfectant spray and wipe down your keyboard. 

The Light Switch

Ewe you turn off the lights! No you! No you!!!! This little switch touched by countless booger picking, butt scratching, germ-infested fingers is one of the dirtiest places in your house and you probably never even think to clean it. The next time you go to switch off the lights spray some all-purpose cleaner on a rag and clean that baby. 

The Refrigerator Handle

How many times do people open the fridge door at your house each day? Well most people don't wipe down their refrigerator handles which means the germs just keep piling up and sitting on there multiplying their way into one nasty flu virus. The next time you wipe your counter just keep on going till you hit the fridge and spray some of that cleaner on those handles as well. 

Your Phone

Cell phones are a technological petri dish for thousands of disgusting germs, mainly due to the heat they generate as well as the bacteria it shares with your hands and face. The next time you charge your phone do yourself a favor and wipe it clean. You'll save yourself a flu. 

The Remote

Ok, so I probably don't have to tell you how dirty the TV remote is. You can probably see the filth all over it everytime you reach to change the channel. But then how come so many of us don't clean the darn thing!! Is it because we are just too lazy to get off the couch at that exact moment to go get the clorox wipes? I'm pretty sure this is the reason because day after day I look at my own remote and think "ewe, there's marinara sauce on that button" and then I change the channel with the very tip of my nail so as not to touch anything else on the remote and then put it back on the table. Well I'll promise if you'll promise that the next time I pick up my remote I will clean it!  

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daisy lu said:
6 August, 2012 - 09:05
I promise :)