Crazy Hair Day Starbucks Hair

Oct 18 2016
Crazy Hair Day Starbucks Hair

This is the real reason I became a parent .....
Ok, fine one of the reasons. Lol.
Bed time is almost always 8 pm during the school week, however we were faced with a crazy hair day dilema last night. Lily wanted something different this year and after an hour of searching Google images we couldn't find anything that worked with blonde hair so I stood in the kitchen with the refrigerator door open trying to figure out what we could use ...... and violaaaaaaa.

8:10 pm - Lily searched the house for headbands.
8:15 pm - We washed out the Half & Half container.
8:20 pm - Olive asked to play dolls.
8:30 pm - We hot glued the Half & Half carton to a headband.
8:35 pm - Olive asked if we could pay dolls.
8:40 pm - I looked up the nearest Starbucks.
8:45 pm - We drove to Starbucks in our pajamas.
8:46 pm - Olive asked if we could play dolls.
8:54 pm - Lily wore her Half & Half headband into Starbucks and I asked for a free cup.
8:56 pm - Olive asked to play dolls.
9:05 pm - I hot glued the Starbucks cup to the headband.
9:10 pm - Olive asked to play dolls.
9:15 pm - We all played dolls : ) .... while Lily wore her Starbucks headband.
9:35 pm - Bedtime!

Lily Beans with her Starbucks hair : )

And my baby beans with her cupcake hair. OMG I love her!!!

How to make a Starbucks Hair Style

What you need
1 Empty Half & Half carton (One quart or half quart, depending on your child's hair length)
1 Starbucks Cup
(1) 1" inch wide headband
Hot glue
Brown felt
2 Hair bands
2 Bobby pins

1. Depending on your child's hair length wash out a one quart Half & Half container or a half quart carton. Lily has really long hair so it pulled all the way through the one quart.

2. Once the carton is washed and dry, cut a square in the bottom of the container. Do not cut the entire bottom off because you need a half inch border around the bottom to be able to glue it to the headband.

3. Hot glue the Half & Half container along the front portion of the bottom to the headband. Let dry.

4. Using the top of your Starbucks cup, trace a circle onto brown felt and cut.

5. Dab a couple drops of hot glue on your felt and glue it to the inside of your cup. I made mine tilted so it looked like it was splashing around a bit. Attach your cup to the side of the headband.

6. Brush your child's hair into a very high ponytail. Use hair spray to smooth down and make the band tight on the top of the head.

7. Now here is the trick! Place another hair band near the end of the ponytail, leaving a couple inches hanging. This end hair band is what will help pull it through the container so make sure it's super tight at the end of the ponytail.

8. Have your child turn their head over so the pony tail is hanging down and slip is through the bottom of the carton. With your other hand grab the end of the pony tail by the second hair band and pull it through the mouth of the carton carefully. Have your child turn their head right-side up and pull the headband down on their head. Pull out the hair completely and using one bobby pin, pin the hanging hair to the side of the carton, placing the bobby pin right into the mouth of the container. Place the other bobby pin in the front of the container so it stays secure on your child's head and isn't bouncing around!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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