Crafting and Cocktails

Oct 30 2014
Crafting and Cocktails

Eeeeeek …. Christmas is only two months away! This year we decided it would be super fun to kick off December with "Crafting and Cocktails" at the Lilyshop studio so we are planning ahead! I usually do a post of the party aftermath, but this time I thought it would be more useful to showcase how we actually prep and design the party way in advance so some of you could get inspired to do the same. I get so many emails and questions from you guys about planning parties that I thought it might be useful to step out the entire process and give some helpful hints! Here are my steps to planning the perfect event:
Step 1: Pick a Theme
Pick your theme, settle on your theme and for goodness sake, don’t change your theme! This means you need to focus people! Do your research. Browse Pinterest, research blogs, figure out exactly what theme you want and don’t look back. If you are planning a baby shower, settle on an exact theme, like “Vintage Shabby-chic” or “Baby Blue polka dots”. My theme for this event is "Christmas and Crafting" so I decided on “Crafty-Chic” for the decor.

Step 2: Pick an Activity
Now that you have a theme, settle on exactly what is going to go down at the event. Are you offering elephant rides? Race cars? Christmas games? At this event everyone is asked to bring 10 of their Christmas gifts to wrap at Lilyshop. Everyone will learn how to properly gift wrap their presents, tie bows, and emboss name tags. All while, drinking cocktails, listening to holiday music, and eating delicious appetizers. 

Step 3: Create the Invite
Okay dokay, we have our theme and we know what we are doing so now on to the actual invite! When planning a fun event, use an actual printed invitation people. They pretty much do everything for you online and it’s so exciting and festive to receive a pretty envelope in the mail. I used to create these invitations. Since my theme is “Crafty-chic” I settled on the Spirited Letters invitation in Black . I like the clean, cheery, yet whimsical vibe. I picked black because I thought it added the “chic” to my “Crafty-chic” theme. And I added the DoubleThick™ Matte paper and die-cut trim instead of the basic rectangle cut because I thought it added the “Crafty” to my “Crafty-Chic”. I went with the gold chic envelopes for the invites and I finished it off with the matching address label so everything was cohesive. The invite sets the tone for the entire party so make sure it’s in keeping with your theme.

Step 4: Decor!
You want your decor to match your invitation so plan accordingly! We will be setting up our craft table with lots of fabulous papers and wrapping supplies and of course all our cocktails will be served on chic black napkins with shiny glitter drink stirrers. We also are giving away little swag bags with thank you tags that match our original invitation. I got these on pretty tags on They come in various sizes and shapes. Love! (And shhhhhh the swag bag is a surprise so I can’t share that with you)
Step 5: Enjoy!
This is a party so live a little! The goal is to plan everything so well that you can enjoy your event the day of. Have fun!


This post was sponsored by Tiny Prints, but all opinions are my own! Happy Holidays!

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