Color Coordinate Your Closet

Aug 11 2011
Color Coordinate Your Closet

Color Coordinating your closet is key to organization. 

The first step is to color coordinating is you must take everything out of the closet. I mean take out the shoes, the socks, the shirts, jeans, pants, and jackets. Everything must leave your closet. Put everything in another room, on your counter, bed, where ever. Try and keep everything in groups, socks with socks, shoes with shoes. You get the point.

The Second step is to clean your closet. Yes, clean it. If your closet is as messy as I think it is, it's probably dirty as well. Get some wet rags and start cleaning. Shelves, cabinets, floors, drawers, and walls. No dirt.

The third step is to throw out anything you don't wear or haven't worn in the last two years. I know, this is the hardest part! Believe me, I have many things that I am holding on to that I may one day wear or fit back into. Bite your lip and toss any unworn shirts into the Goodwill bag.

The fourth step is to start grouping your items by color. Group your shoes by color first because they are easiest. Group by color and put heels with heels, boots with boots, etc.


YES, I even color coordinate my Hunter boots! I know, I know, who needs this many Hunter boots in Los Angeles? They are just so freaking cute.


My favorite drawer .... My sweatshirts. I am an American Apparel pull-over sweatshirt junkie. Always color coordinate your drawers.

Use alike hangers to achieve a fresh look. These particular hangers are from Bed Bath & Beyond. They are the "velvet-like" non-slip hangers. AND always sort by color. This will not only help you sort your items, but visually your closet will appear cleaner.



Use alike hangers to achieve a clean look. When you get your clothes back from the dry cleaner get rid of the paper hangers. If you remember to always use your hangers you will maintain an organized uncluttered closet. These particular hangers are from Bed Bath & beyond. They are the "velvet-like" non-slip hangers.

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