Chalkboard Serving Trays

Oct 07 2013
Chalkboard Serving Trays

The holidays are here and I have a fun serving tray idea for ya'll! These are chalkboard serving trays. Do you loveeeee?

I showed how to make these today on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel (week days 10am/9c) If you missed the show you can catch this segment here: Jessie's DIY Chalkboard Trays on Home and Family or scroll down for the instructions!

You can use these for anything .... Olives, bread, caviar (yummmmmmmmm) .... I have even done a big dessert bar with these chalkboard trays. They are sure to make your next dinner party a hit! 

In this picture I put the cheese directly on the tray but if you have concerns about the paint I recommend putting a little napkin under the food or using ramekins like I do for the olives. You should definitely use some sort of bowl for anything that is greasy so you don't get stains on your boards. 
You can also use the chalkboard paint on other trays. Just remember to wash these all by hand!
Sneak peak from the show. This picture was taken by Jeremey Lee and is property of Crown Media.
Chalkboard Serving Trays
What you need  (You can buy everything at the top of this page)
(1) Country Wood Round
Chalkboard Paint or Chalkboard Spray Paint
Chalkboard Marker (these stain more so I recommend using regular chalk if you plan on changing your boards all the time)
Painter's tape
Lazy Susan hardware
6" square of Felt
Hot glue or Wood glue
6" piece of cardboard
1. Tape off your piece of wood on the sides so you have a nice clean edge and you don't spray chalkboard paint on the sides of your wood.
2. Paint your wood slab and let dry.
3. Once dry, peal off the painters tape and set aside.
4. If you are attaching a lazy susan you want to flip your tray over and use hot glue to attach the hardware. If you are making a really large platter I recommend using screws instead of glue. 
5. Once the glue is dry you want to attach a small piece of cardboard to the lazy susan and then cover the cardboard with felt. The reason for this is so the metal hardware does not scratch your table.
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