Birthday Pancakes

Sep 18 2011
Birthday Pancakes

We got up early today so we decided to make birthday pancakes. No one's birthday over here but they are fun nonetheless. Enjoy!


The Pancake Batter.

You can use any pancake recipe you want (I have posted several recipes in previous posts) or use the box mix. Stir in your sprinkles AFTER your batter is already completely mixed AND while your griddle is already hot. The colors of the sprinkles tend to bleed into the batter so you don't want to leave the batter sitting around for too long. Once you add the sprinkles you should really start cooking.

Stop being so cute! Put the batter on the griddle : )

I don't use any butter or oil when cooking my pancakes. This is a non-stick pan and you will get the perfect "brown" top if you simply use a non-stick pan and nothing else. Got that? Did you hear that? Butter makes little brown spots all over the pancake. Use a non-stick pan and you'll get photo quality pancakes every time.

The Finished Birthday Pancakes!

I served my pancakes with powdered sugar, extra sprinkles, and syrup, but you could also make a simple frosting with powdered sugar and milk. If it's really for a birthday you can also add a little candle on top! 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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