Birchwood Candles

Dec 17 2013
Birchwood Candles

How pretty are these Birchwood candles?
I freaking love these.
So natural.
Gorgeouuuuuuus (must say with an accent).

I actually first saw candles just like this in Pottery Barn. It was just a simple log with a votive in it and I thought I could make that ..... and then I did!! I made this craft with Haylie Duff on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel (weekdays 10am/9c) - If you missed this episode scroll down for my tutorial!

Aren't these beautiful!!!?? To start this craft you need really soft wood. I recommend using Birch or Pine. I found these Birch logs at Michaels but you could actually cut branches from outside as well. These pictures were taken by Jermey Lee and are copyright of Crown Media.

You are going to need a C clamp, safety goggles, the birch logs, tea lights, and a power drill with a 1/4" paddle attachment. Clamp your log down and start drilling the center of your log. Keep checking with a tea light to make sure you drill far enough down into the log.

Make sure you wear your safety goggles because the pieces fly everywhere! 

You gotta put some muscle into it!

Now fill each one with a tea light and place them on the center of your table. Such a natural gorgeous table!

You can keep replacing the votives when they are done. I used the votives in the clear plastic holders. These pictures were taken by Jermey Lee and are copyright of Crown Media.


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