5 on Friday with Pinnacle

Sep 12 2014
5 on Friday with Pinnacle

Everyone has gone camping ..... but have you gone glamping? Glamping started way back when and was sort of a stepped up way to camp, but over the years it has gotten more and more extravagant with actual glamping areas where they offer luxurious campgrounds with bathrooms, furniture, and even electricity ...... yes ladies, you can blow dry your hair while camping! With that being said, we think everyone should glamp at least once so we have put together a fabulous checklist of our 5 most important glamping tips!

1. Make a Checklist and Bring the Glamping Essentials! 

Sure you need sunblock and insect repellant, but don’t forget the real necessities to make your friends feel as comfortable as possible. This includes the proper toiletries, dry shampoo and of course, a blow dryer to keep you and your pals looking and feeling glamorous!

2. Give Your “Glampsite” a Chic Look! 

Bring the inside outside by setting up a chic sitting area in the main space. Incorporate pops of color with mix/match pillows and comfy throw blankets.


3. Lighting is Key! 

Good lighting is essential for a successful Glamping experience. This isn’t traditional camping, so no need to fumble around the tent looking for a flashlight. Bring solar lights for the outside area, and battery-operated lanterns or push lights for your tent.


4. Ditch the Hot Dogs and Hamburgers!

Serve up steak skewers, bring containers of fresh vegetables, crackers and caviar for snack time, and enjoy strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate dipping sauce for dessert. To make meals easier, bring pre-portioned containers of food and tie a napkin and utensils directly to the plastic container with a nametag so people can just grab their container and eat as they mingle!

5. Serve a Signature Cocktail!

This is Glamping, so serve your guests a chic camping cocktail. Try the Pinnacle® S’mmmores cocktail!

Pinnacle® S’mmmores Cocktail Recipe

Pinnacle® S’mmmores
1 part Pinnacle® Whipped Vodka
1 part Dekuyper® Crème De Cocoa Dark Liqueur
Splash of Club Soda
Method Serve all ingredients over ice. Garnish with a marshmallow.

For more recipe ideas visit www.PinnacleVodka.com!

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