3 Ways to Organize Beauty Supplies

Feb 18 2014
3 Ways to Organize Beauty Supplies

So one of my pastimes besides cooking, crafting, playing with my babies, photographing my food, filming with Hallmark, finding sanity, and cleaning up toys, is actually ..... organizing. I have a tad bid of OCD and I must admit that lately I have been so busy with life and work that my house has gotten a little messy. It's really unlike me. I'm that woman girl .... seriously, I am not that old. Do not let me say woman ever again. I am that girl who has a separate fridge for drinks just in case people stop by and want a beverage. All the labels are face-forward and sodas are alphabetized. I also keep mini shampoo bottles in my guestroom so it looks like a hotel when friends stay over. And I love organizing for other people. I think it's seriously fun to kick it in sweatpants and spend hours cleaning and organizing. Weird? Yeah, kinda. Ok, so this blog post has gotten a bit out of control .... I am supposed to be writing about organizing make-up! I filmed with the fabulous newbeauty.com and I brought in my three favorite products to show everyone how to organize their make-up. Watch the clip below to see what's up! 


To view it on AOL click here: 3 Ways to Organize Beauty Supplies with Jessie Jane & New Beauty


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